Youth and PowerEvery generation has its mission-it either betrays it or fulfils it. The youths are always part of this generation and must search for avenues to dream their own dreams. This is what we call in PACUNET ‘Youth Power’ History has shown how young people have used youthful exuberance to effect reforms in their countries.

In order not to allow this youths of today be taken by win and leisure, PACUNET has one of its objectives to draw the youths closer to see their potential and capacity while  translating their ingenious energy into self-beneficial out comes. Through debate and brainstorming solutions are sought for the burning issues of society.

Hence it must transcend ethnicity and other insular parochialism and engages in seeking to change the community positively. By involving the youth in different social activities allow the youth to develop critical leadership qualities. This may explain why among other group, the youth remain the most targeted as we take on our activities. Check out the youth and power gallery