Palace and Cultural Network- PACUNET brings together graduates from wider disciplines and cultural backgrounds with diverse experiences in life.Pacunet The sense of belonging and values of one’s culture influence our common philosophy. By putting our talents together, we keep our selves busy with different activities including scriptwriting, theatre performances, fashion shows, traditional dances, musical performances, storytelling, poetry dramatization, sports and exhibitions, workshops, seminars, symposiums and advocacy.  We network with other actors with similar thoughts by exchanging knowledge within and without the diverse realm of arts and culture but also with a related area of work.   PACUNET is represented with members from different nationalities and ethnicities. We are also occupied with intellectual discussion especially reflecting on developmental issues regarding our various origins. Through dialogue with other players, we share information, ideas and expertise considered as conventional wisdom for collective courtesy hence empowering each other with precious values. We strongly believe in self-determination not only for entertainment but with the hope of self-employment through our personal creativities. We welcome ideas and our doors are open to all with a positive mindset.


-To promote dialogue and cooperation between elderly and young people in order to develop solidarity, respect for difference and encourage social cohesion

-To share information with young immigrants in relation to cultural diversity to the definition and construction of a multicultural identity as a factor of social integration.

– To empower the kids and youths with a positive mindset through our various activities.

– To help contribute to changing attitudes and behaviours in a positive way for youngsters as to society for a more just society.

– To reinforce the fight against racism, xenophobia, stereotype and segregation

– To raise the awareness of the needs of integration by putting together our values to form something new.

– To open opportunities for participation, both national and international cooperation, education and choices with the hope of self-employment.

– Through discussions, we are informed of the challenges from our various origins, while searching for solutions with particular attention on social and cultural development.

– To increase our creative spirit and the arts of advocacy in bringing reforms in the community for positive changes.