The broad activities of the Artists in PACUNET are managed by professionals in each discipline. These professionals provide the best expertise during training sessions. This knowledge is very crucial to members as it helps in the realization of our productions.

The different skills imparted to members may explain the reason for the unique performances which have kept our audience questing for more after each event. Not only have the professionals acquire thorough academic merits but have also developed the heritage up to the level of dialectics from their area of origins thanks to the global representation of Artists in PACUNET.

Below is the list of the professional artists and their Profile.

Pacunet Artists
Artist Profile

Raja Ditya has been acting throughout his life. He has appeared in more than two hundreds plays and accepting the leading character. His experience is enough to be part of any theater performance in the world. 

His devotedness is even an additional blessing to the course in which he fully devote too. Energetic and confidence on stage couple with body movements always wins the admiration of his audiences.

Get in touch with Raja!

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Sarah Paul discovered herself and how much she carries especially in the realm of Arts and Culture during the cultural evening in The International Cultural centre- CAISA. Her voice is sufficient to awaken any one from sleep while on stage in a musical concert.

Her appearance on stage as an actress draws the attention of the  audience while in the fashion show depict her movement. Her ever ready for action and her open-minded characteristics  are enough reasons to be invited for any entertainment industries.

Sarah Paul 21 years could be reached through 0449121489

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My name is August Kuusipalo and I’m a high school student from Helsinki.

I play guitar and sing, also act if needed. Thus far I’ve only played small roles with the pacunet, but I’ve performed music in various places, like my school, familia club and pacunets events.

I look forward to performing more in the future!

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Tutu Jauhojarvi discover the huge talents in her when she was given the change as the leading character of the play. Her character was deeply admired resulting from the way she responded in each scene.

This consciousness has continued to develop and increases her passion for the work of arts. she is not only an actor but gifted with other additional expertise.

Help to facilitate in travelling by providing precious information to tourist for beneficial out come. for more inquiries kindly reach her!

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Eniola Adekunle Sokoya alias ‘Oloori‘, carries a special power of arts in her person. it seems she has been sent here on earth with a particular mission to fulfill within the realm of arts and culture.

Her present in all the areas of arts including singing, dancing, acting, poetic dramatizing, fashion design and modeling  distinguish her resulting from her gesticulation and more . Her activeness and activities began far back while in nursery school. She was always on the lead and will be appreciated with a number of awards.

Gradually as she grow her skills began to develop further event before her graduation from the higher institution of learning with a honor in theater arts and philosophy. She has taken part in a number of events not only as a planer but also coordinating.

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Cecilia is well known for her great creative and writing ability. She is a passionate  woman who has the flair of putting what she sees, feels and experiences, hears and understands in the form of poetry in a very way that appeals to the sense of the audience in a passionate and natural manner.

Since her early teen’s poetry has occupied her life as a passion she strongly belief in. After working for some time in both national and international organizations, she continues with her studies abroad. 

Her relocation did not prevent her from her deep passion for arts.

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Walter Fondo

Walter Fondo is a dynamic play Wright, a poet, actor, director, a performer, a civil right activist, youth leader and a researcher. His passion for arts and culture develop at a young age while in his native country Cameroon.  He was already identified in a young drama club during his primary school days as an out standing character in the play called ”THE Mysterious visitor”. His desire continuous to develop and he was invited to take part in one national production were he was awarded as the best actor of the year.  He has been in more then a hundred plays with the leading role and has appeared in some number of films.

Furthering his studies abroad did not interrupt his passion. During his post graduate studies, He came in contact with others in a seminar who shares a common interest in his passion for arts and culture. Encouraged by this unanimous view, he decided to set up an organization called PACUNET- Palace and Cultural Network. Within two years; the group develops into complete art and cultural research centre, which was as a result of different activities and events he organized. >>> Read more


Archibong Eyo Okon was born in Douala, Cameroon but is of Nigerian origin which makes his dance class stand out from the rest. Archibong Eyo Okon has been travelling at an early age.

This continuous changing of the environment has developed a unique style of performance resulting from the different cultural element which he puts together.

After graduating from the University of Calabar in linguistic and theater arts, he further his education abroad were he obtained another degree in hospitality management.

His passion for arts has been a progressive chain of diversity. Not only does he provide courses and dance lessons to the public, but push to action by his multi-talented skills. He is quite visible in the area of visual art, DJ in ceremonies with particular attention in African music. Choreographer and a performer. >>>Read More


Morasta Sesay arrived in Finland in May 2012. He has so far worked only with temporary music partners and wants to work with Jamaican singer, music maker Damion Scott, also living on the island of Kimito.Morasta has performed in various constellations also at big events in Sierra Leone. In Helsinki Morasta has performed with Sierra Leone Refugee All-Star Band at Savoy. Performed with his own songs with playback on Caisa stage on Helsinki Day.  

Also performed with friends in a public event against racism, arranged by Safra ry. On Kimito Island Morasta has performed with tales and music in a daycare centre, schools, organizational meetings, public events.

Youtube Contact tel. +358 (0)44 99 41 582

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Edmond Baffour has been on stage in many different happening. He takes the work of arts as part of his mission to fulfil. His desire and love in the discipline of arts and culture is inseparable.

After his graduation from high school, he continues into a higher professional school of learning as an engineer. He has appeared in more than twenty plays. He sings and talented in other areas of arts.

Edmond Baffour desire for singing and acting has developed as he became more involved in acting in a number of performances.

His voice is quite appealing and his gesticulation on stage makes him draws the attention of the viewers.

He is ready to take part in other performances when contacted with the hope of providing the best in all his abilities! >>> Read more



Josephine Atanga is a well known performer. She began her musical career as a young girl while in a church choir. Her debut album ‘made headline news in Cameroon and in the USA.

She is widely known to be the first African to produce Christmas songs in African best. Her voice carries a deep reflection of her African heritage.  The number of awards which she has won supports the huge talents which she possesses.  

Winner of 2010 African gospel musical concert held in Virginia, USA, the recipient of the  2011 Eagle Award Best Female Vocalist held in Philadelphia, USA,  and recipient of African Leadership Empowerment Council Awards in 2011.

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Lisa Rokala, arts consist of a big part in her life. Her activities in arts and cultural diversity began manifesting and could be easily identified from childhood.  It further develops in the course of traveling and socializing  with others in relative disciplines in an international environment on public stages. Her admiration in the field of  singing, dancing, acting, and fashion designing is magnificent.

Her research is further expanded on fashion design. The African designs that has been influence by Western lifestyle educate the public on the trend of time and space.

She was crown miss African Finland and won the title of the queen of hearts. Get in touch with Lisa Rokala at: for further cooperation.

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pIA Pia Siwa Opoku ability to sing and acting with other relative areas of arts and culture is a central command which this artist possesses.

Her voice drives away sleep from her audience and lifts their soul to the level of the good. Her acting skills resulting from her body movement brings out the uniqueness in her character.

She is very passionate in all she does. Her desire for arts is in born and a cultural heritage to be admired. As someone with a charismatic attitude and a very deep positive mind set, is always ready to take on action on stage!   >>> Read More