WorkshopPACUNET organizes several workshops and seminars throughout each year. These workshops and seminars focus on different topics such as Respect and Tolerance of cultural difference, active European citizenship, role of Arts and Music in cultural diversity, youth and capacity building to name just these. Most of the workshops and seminars are usually very interactive in approach.

This is one of the ways we use to reach out to our audience with particular focus on the youths. Through this informal education, these youths are empowered with useful knowledge which helps to sharpen their sensibility and strengthen their will toward a better life. We are also motivated by this intellectual exercise resulting from the remarkable successes recorded in our workshops and seminars thanks to support from our funders and the special skills from the facilitators.  

Our partners are usually very cooperative which has also added and increased the quality expected in this area. Some of the workshops are highlighted below.

Workshop 2012

Workshop 2013

Workshop 2014