The work of Arts in itself is not an end but the means to seek for the art of living. Creativity is the principle of Arts and culture resulting from the abstract mind where concepts are formed.

There is no doubt that the ideas and doctrines of great thinkers have undeniably been the prelude to the understanding of the major problems raised in the disciplines of arts and culture. Hence they succinctly delineate the various trends in the world of arts and culture, from the antic Hellenic period to the present day.

One could see how such knowledge has considerably contributed and shaped not only the intellectual landscape but also the actual and real destiny of humankind and the desire for entertainment.

 Therefore the different skills adequately identify the salient features of each trend of our fields of theatre, poetry, music, dancing, craft, and fashion design and more; thereby unravelling, identifying and indicating a specific idea within the umbrella of Arts and Culture.

Artistic work as a whole encourages the renewal of social changes by appealing to both the local and international atmosphere making and inviting such exciting cultures for newcomers to be active as well as lovers for diverse disciplines in arts and culture. The very power of Arts highlights cultural diversity as positive resources. It galvanizes new people from all over the world and various backgrounds and ethnicities with the aim of creating conditions for a natural interaction to take place. It provides the possibilities of building networks between the new and native people. The very expectation of this calls for vigorous participation honour our common interest. Meeting with other players from near and far for a multicultural dialogue is a precious forum to share experiences and foster collaboration which definitely spark the brain and invoke inspiration hence ushering a new environment favourable for productivities for common benefits.   Who are We?