PacunetPalace and CulturalNetwork  -PACUNET was conceived in 2010 when we sat on a round table as representatives from different nationalities. Our discussion and brainstorming was focused on developing ideas for the different activities to enhance the multicultural Independence Day celebration in Helsinki. Among these items, theater was to be the center of activities.

The opportunities and the challenges faced led to the creation of the theater group. Its founders are Fondo Walter and Lisa Rokala. The play called ‘The Escape from the Giants’ was our first public performance. The event was massively attended and the actors received excellent admiration resulting from their special skills on stage. The entire cast was deeply motivated and found the need to express themselves by putting their inner talent into proper use. This and more explain why we established a structure based on multiculturalism.

It all began with a search for a suitable name that will best describe our different activities. Palace being the residence of the king with the different political administrative units, was replaced with the different disciplines in Arts and Cultural activities which was to further extend and network with others to share a similar and friendly thoughts. PACUNET has developed from a drama group to an Arts and Cultural movement thereby given birth to multicultural activities. This has increased understanding and promoted inter-disciplinarity, an open-minded approach to diversity thus creating an international atmosphere for both the native and new comers to share experiences through cultural interaction.

With such expansion resulting from the diverse expertise it has become easier for PAUNENT to have a space not only in almost all the official celebration days in our host country, but organizing different events throughout each year.    This has ushered in a deeper quest for our services in many public happenings both locally and internationally.

PACUNET is very much present with one or more activities in recognized celebration days such as: Helsinki day, Helsinki welcome week, world village festival, Night of the ARTS, open market day. In the celebration of Helsinki as world design capital we were at the center of activities and ran a project under the theme Helsinki 200 years as capital city of Finland.

PACUNET has successfully established a bridge for the youth exchange programmed to foster activities among young people. The first move received youths from Portugal under the theme deep youth involvement. This youth exchange activities between the youth of Portugal and that of Finland empower the young people with the knowledge necessary for intercultural competence and to see diversity as a strength.

PACUNET draws people closer and helps individuals see their potentials and realize their dreams through creativity. Our approach and events have drawn a wider audience and increased membership from six to thirty five from its inception. The financial support received from both local and international funders has been very resourceful for this self-reliance to progress further.