WalterDr. Fondo Walter is the Executive Director of PACUNET- Palace and Cultural Network. After studying philosophy and theater arts, political science and law, African history and ethnicity  and international cooperation, he proceeded in to higher research on what he consider as conventional wisdom in the realm of arts and metaphysic.

Resulting from both theoretical and practical exercises he has come to understand the power of arts in the society which has influence his passion toward productivities. As a lover of wisdom his quest for knowledge has not only been from higher institutions but also from informal learning. He has attended countless workshops, seminars, symposiums both local and international.

He devotes his time in script writing, acting, poetry dramatizing and directing. Organizing workshops, seminars, and conferences to name just these on different themes but also sharing information with other actors for common interest.

 His engagement in multiple activities has be honor as an ambassador of artists and cultural activists who uses arts to reform the society in different ways such as advocacy, integration, the need for diversity, reinforcing the fight against racism and other phenomenon in the society.

He has also expanded his mission in youth work engaging the young people in activities that are aims at developing good morals in the society. Walter is an opened minded character and full with inspiration and creativity.  Working with people from a multicultural back ground has strengthened his experience and broaden his thoughts there by empowering him with organizing skills including perseverance, examining, analyzing, devotedness and especial leadership quality.