This occasion welcomes members of PACUNET on a round table were dialogue is exhibited as we engage  in conversation with collective reflection on past events and future plan of action. This assessment through dialogue is to examine thoroughly the level of progress .

The need for evaluation is therefore to empower our selves by considering those activities that needs to be improved upon and other beneficial ideas Such as; Networking to broaden and promote mutual involvement and strengthen global participation as a gate way to integration.

The coming together, meeting new people and exchanging information encourage good practice for acquiring skills to better confront issues and graduate from ideal thinking. Lobby  seek for channels  for recognition in all the political structures, policy making and the need to reason with decision makers involve in the day to day issues.

This exercise is aim at enjoying those benefits within the realm of arts, politics and socio- cultural. Advocacy to draw the attention of policy makers and funders of our demands resulting from our needs. Raising awareness of common issues affecting or preventing access to innovation and creativity for developmental purposes within and without.