Debate is a traditional practice in PACUNET  considered as an intellectual exercise. It aims at arriving at a conclusion with precision and certainty. It helps us to understand issues more deeper by  taking a thorough analysis when ideas come up for common interest. One of the topics that confronts huge debate is  gender equality measuring  equal representation of women and men. Women and men are not the same, but they have equal values and should receive equal treatment. The United Nation regards gender equality as a human right. It points out that empowering women is also an indispensable tool for advancing development and reducing poverty. Hence it is our objective to promote this value through our various activities especially using arts to reach out to thousands.

Diversity triggers equality issues like promoting culture of accountability, tolerance among religions, ethnicity, nationality, colour, politic, and philosophy views as means of combating racism and related intolerance such as hate speech. Through arts we create a forum which is open to civil society organizations and activists across boundaries to promote diversity.    

Integration and assimilation are key terms that are often confused. We understand integration  as putting or bringing different elements together to form something new. Though coming together, each person keeps his or her individual characteristics or features. Cultural integration usually refers to cultures coming together. In a multicultural society, each culture keeps its character features and values while assimilation refers to another part of the adaptation process. By this term we take in new information or experiences and incorporate them into our existing ideas. The process is subjective resulting from modify experience or information to fit our preexisting beliefs. Some impediments that hinders integration are prejudices, stereotype, racism, xenophobia, slavery, segregations to name just these. To bring  human to a sense of orderliness and preserve his values, arts is used as an instrument to reform the society by addressing all odd hence reminding us about those thing that we ought not to do or what moral ethics qualify it as bad habits.