Archbong Eyo Okon

 Archibong Eyo Okon was born in Douala, Cameroon but is of Nigerian origin which makes his dance class stand out from the rest. Archibong Eyo Okon has been traveling at early age.

This continuous changing of environment has developed a unique style of performance resulting from the different cultural element which he puts together.

After graduating from the university of Calaber in linguistic and theater arts, he further his education abroad were he obtained another degree in hospitality  management.

His passion for arts has been a progressive chain of diversity. Not only does he provide courses and dance lessons to the public, but push to action by his multi talented skills. He is quite visible in the area of visual art, DJ in ceremonies with particular attention in African music. Choreographer and a performer. 

His command of French and English is an additional advantage to reach to his audience beside you are sure to have the most delicious African dish and relative foreign dishes thanks to his socialization with other cultures and personal heritage.